StarFest #3 the troubles

StarFest was a great event lots of clear skies but also lots of issues with the equipment. Looked like i had mount bounce so i lost about 10 images from the weekend with bad tracking. BUT that being said i did manage to image a few objects SH2-129 with 2 images M31 to come not processed yet and IC59 which is posted here. This was the Image that caused all the issues and every 45 mins it would bounce and turn an image – so all in all was lucky to get anything.


IC59 is a challenge with the super bright star Navi causes issues in the processing. So IC59 is the nebula region in the middle of the image and IC 63 is the lower region. Think i will look into processing this a different way to minimize the star bloat of Navi

IC 59 and IC 63 (7 x 15 min images)
IC 59 and IC 63 (7 x 15 min images)

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