More REDCAT testing

So for the last few weeks i have been testing out the WO RedCat on a variety of different mounts and such. I have finally settled on the use of the iEQ30Pro and RedCat. With a Canon 6D it is just possible to balance with the shipping counter weight. Once the mount is running 5 min exposures are very easy in an unguided manner.

The real test was to compare this setup with the old setup and see what the difference is below is an image from Manitoulin 2019 with 6D and RedCat it is a combination of 15 x 5 mins subs.

M31 RedCat 15 x 5 min subs

The image blew is the best achieved with the Sigma 150-600 at 300 mm

Overall — redCat aims for me … better clarity and razor sharp and such a lovely wide field

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