Finally — After 2 months……

M20 9 x 10 mins processed in PixInsight
M20 9 x 10 mins processed in PixInsight

After a long period of cloud cover and travel i finally managed to get out and use the Telescope! The night was a simple start with a quick setup and then the power on – only to be treated by the dreaded motor stalled error on the hand control….. RA Motor stall. Switch leads from DEC to RA and the RA still failed. Switched every thing and found the motor connector had issues…. this looked like to was going to be a very short night.


After a little bit of fiddling and investigation i noticed that with the motor disconnected there was a chance that i could get it running. It was all about the location of the connector. Rebuilt the mount (in the field) and managed to get it all running but lost about 45 mins of imaging time.


Although not optimal in Tiny the southern locations are always enjoyable. I decided after the fun of the evening to just image M20 for an extended period of time. M20 was very low and deep into the mirk of Barrie from Tiny but i set the run going. After about 5 images i decided that i needed to have a power nap…… I was woken up by the friends i was with after about 40 mins to the guide system beeping…… the trees had won. However i managed to get 90 mins of data for the image which is shown. As always the image which is a combination of 9 x 10 min sub frames and processed in Pixinsight

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