IC1396 Elephant Trunk nebula complex

So i had wanted to try this for some time but the time has just slipped by. The Sigma Lens at 500mm should have been able to pick out the complete system but the whole setup was not very stable that night and all that was achievable was a 1 min sub frames — how ever i managed to take 240 of them at ISO 12800 — maybe a little too high !

So here is the result — its faint but the level of the dark nebulae is amazing


the elephant trunk is visible as shown in the this crop 

M13 with a near full moon and a cold night !

Images of M13 taken on the same night and with the same setup just double integration in the second series of the images

image taken with 5 min sub exposures and 5 images taken

image taken with 10 min sub exposures and 10 images taken


The images are of really good quality with very sharp focusing. this was somewhat a surprise as the quality of the sky was very poor with high levels of moisture present.

a zoomed region of the core shows the complexity as well as the colours of the different stars present.

So it takes lot of coincidences to make the most of the weather !

IT HAD TO BE CLEAR! There needed to enough dark and enough time without work! and there had to be a small moon (although it is at 1st Quarter.)


When all of those items come together then its Telescope time !!! If only the bugs knew to remember this fact

Image a couple of objects here is the first on this is a 25 min combination of the Lagoon M8. A series of 5 min Subs were used and stacked in Pixinsight etc.





NGC7000 new mount and big lens

so here is a quick shot of NGC7000 from last night. 5 x 3 min at 300mm f5

Aurora and moving skies !

here is a very long time lapse from last night 22nd April 2017




More Aurora Another movie from the other night — it really never gets boring.


First M42 of the year ……

OK So M42 ids this years big project hopefully with a wide field and burners loop. But i wanted to know what the state of play is with the 150-600mm lens and the 6D. So here is a single 30s exposure of the M42 region at 600mm tracking (not very well) ISO3200 

NGC1499 — long night but good image

Take over one night of about 3 hours of imaging with reasonable seeing. It is amazing with a 0.8 reducer the object almost fits into the frame in a single shot ! Taken with the FLT and sBIG



M33 – FLT110 and Canon 6D

OK so i could not resist this but here is a 1 hour 50 min collection of 5 min sub frames stacked of M33. I also have a 2 hour set of data from the sBIG on the object from the evening before yet to process — interesting comparison coming up. The image below is from the Sigma 150-600mm lens using the 6D also


M33 FLT110 and 6D with Orion 0.8x reducer

M33 FLT110 and 6D with Orion 0.8x reducer

M33 350mm Sigma Lens 6D with HDR Filter applied

M33 350mm Sigma Lens 6D with HDR Filter applied

M81 and M82 with a Telephoto Lens

Imaged with the 6D and the Sigma 150-600mm lens. 40 subframes 60 seconds at f6.3 using the sky tracker for tracking. Image aligned, stacked and processed in PixInsight.

Bodes galaxy etc with 2 smaller companion galaxies also.

Bodes galaxy etc with 2 smaller companion galaxies also.

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