M33 — 350mm Sigma 150-600mm Zoom at f5.6 on Canon 6D


M33, DSLR and Zoom Lense

M33, DSLR and Zoom Lense

M33 with HDR Filter applied

M33 with HDR Filter applied

M33 a combination fo 9 x 20 min images

M33 a combination fo 9 x 20 min images FLT and CCD











Image was taken on the 4/10/16 using just the Canon 6D and the Skytracker Image exposure was 2mins at 3200iso and images were stacked in pixInsight and post stacking processed there also. Total image time was 40 mins.

Ok So i just looked at the image again and noted that a quick HDR filter on the data would improve the image.The image in the middle is the same as the image on the  left but with HDR applied.

So all in all this is a nice image …… However, I have been and looked for a image of M33 with the FLT110 and the sBIG. Here is a link to an image that i took all the way back in 2013. So the 6D is good and the Sense is amazing but you can not supplement the resolution and quality of the images from the FLT with the CCD — original post













World Cup nearly over — Imaging NGC7635 and I’m still not a West Ham Fan….

So many references to the Football…. but the image of the bubble nebulae taken from last friday is worth it. Als known as SH-162 or Caldwell 11 it is a large area of HII mission nebulae in Cas. It distance is about 10lyr away and has an apparent magnitude of 10. This is not something i have seen through a telescope but it is easy to image.

NGC7365 -- 8 x 20 mins processed through PixInsight

NGC7365 — 8 x 20 mins processed through PixInsight


The Owl and Neighbours


After an extensive period of travel it was nice to get home. But the sky was too clear to stay there. In the end Myself and a friend ended up at Torrance for the first time this year. The sky above was inky black but the sky glow from Orillia and other towns int he area is seriously encroaching on the night sky.

After set up and the Mosquitoes had devoured my friend I decided i would image something which i real have never achieved a good image of namely the Owl nebulae and M108. After extensive framing i managed to get the objects in the same image and set the scope on its merry path for 8x 10 minute subframes.

The result was processed as always in Nebulosity, but no finishing was done in Photoshop.

I was amazed as i studied the image at just hw many galaxies are visible in this image. I found the following link which allow identification of many of the them, which almost look stellar in nature. SKYMAP.ORG

The take home message for me is that the more you look the more you see and that not all stars are stars they may just be galaxies…..




Could it be clear to night?


The sky has just cleared up could it really be clear tonight?

Last observing session of 2010


Cold but not cold enough

The night seemed like it would be a great session, the day started really well with little / no cloud and the evening drew in like that also. The evenign meant packing up the car and setting off to Tiny Marsh for a session observing. However the sky milked over and the seeing was very bad. To cxap it all after a wonder clear day,  I beached the car in a snow bank and ended up having to dig myself out of the snow ….

Had a little difficulty remembering how to use the telescope as this was the first time it had been out for a while. But did enjoy the following object M1, M35, M36, M37, M38, M42, M45 and Jupiter.

So this was a night of fun with a lot of things going on.

A new Astro site …..


So whilst playing I decided to build a new astro site this time it will be editable from the field…..

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