NGC 7635, also known as the Bubble Nebula, Sharpless 162, or Caldwell 11

Image taken at Manitoulin 140mins integration before the clouds…..


The Veil Nebulae

I have imaged both sides of the Veil a number of times and have always wanted to do a wide filed of the area and could not face the mosaic imaging….. enter the redcat !

the above image is a stack of 24 x 5 mins with RedCat mounted on iEQ30Pro and 6d ISO 1600.

More REDCAT testing

So for the last few weeks i have been testing out the WO RedCat on a variety of different mounts and such. I have finally settled on the use of the iEQ30Pro and RedCat. With a Canon 6D it is just possible to balance with the shipping counter weight. Once the mount is running 5 min exposures are very easy in an unguided manner.

The real test was to compare this setup with the old setup and see what the difference is below is an image from Manitoulin 2019 with 6D and RedCat it is a combination of 15 x 5 mins subs.

M31 RedCat 15 x 5 min subs

The image blew is the best achieved with the Sigma 150-600 at 300 mm

Overall — redCat aims for me … better clarity and razor sharp and such a lovely wide field

A longer image

this is a 50min image from Sadr region. Lots in the image M29, NGC6888, Gamma Cygni Neb, and so much more ! interesting telescope target in the 44Cyg star region.

Sadr region 50 x 1 min ISO4000

New Lens and a very wide field of view !

decided to pick up a RedCat and WOW what a lens ! its only 51mm aperture but an amazing field of view and very bright. The Williams Optics RedCat is amazing and really a joy to use ! this is not the first image but the best so far — really looking forward to a very long run with this lens and seeing what it can do. It also should easily link to the sBIG camera more to follow.

Sadr region 3 x 3min with 6D and RedCat

A very clear night but the star of the night was not the stars….

Another very clear night and the stars were bright but so was what i believe was a Noctilucent Cloud display. Am i correct ?

is this noctilucent cloud?

NGC7023 but the Cannon

tried to image this object at 3 min subs with the 600mm lens and F8 to stop banding this is 30 sub frames — hmmm maybe longer exposures or just a little higher in at the sky needed

A long time ago

The use of a telescope which used to be very common is getting less frequent. Saturday was the first time in a long time since i have had the Telescope out and an imaging setup running.

Although it is only the second time the new setup has been out and its still a few teething problems but slowly its getting there.

Out of the evening i really only managed 27 sub frames of M13 and the processed image is shown below

M13 from 07/06/19

Mars and Pleiades

Single shot iso800 and 1 min with 6D and 105 lens

Mars Conjunction with Pleiades

Last M42 for the winter of 2018-2019

Maybe a little more than just M42…..

This image came out much better than i expected the Skywatcher SkyGuider Pro is so much better than people let on. The above image is the combination of 65 x 2 min exposures at ISO 3200 with Canon 6D and Sigma 150-600mm. The image contains a lot of information in the dust and it was interesting to see some other reflection nebulae being visible in the region around M42

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