Comet 41P/Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresák

It was at it closest approach on the 1st of April the same day that Ikea and BBC had the best April fool jokes ! On that day it will be only 13 million miles away and almost visible on the naked eye. The attached image was taken on the 1st of April between 9:45 pm and 10:15 pm. It is a stack of 10 1 min images at ISO5000 with 400mm zoom.



Reprocess of the plaedies

OK so the reason for capturing the plaedies was not for the main component but was due tot he precedence of dust in the outer regions…. The original processing really did not pull out this so here is more of the image…..

A couple of movies from very cold nights and some bright light shows


Filling the frame!

The images of the Orion region with the Sigma 150-600mm Lens are great but I have to crop the images and i’m not fully able to process. Well i sucked it up and created from Flat field frames and master of the flat field. The image on the right is the latest with the flats applied. The image on the left is the previous process of the region from the data but only focusing on the M42 region.

M42 and Friends with 150mm Zoom Lens on Canon 6D

M42 and friends with the full frame showing the witches head on the right

M42 and friends

So finally getting around to some of the images that i have bagged ! this is a series of 72 x 30s images at ISO3200. Image was shot at 150mm using Sigma 150-600mm lens at f5.6


M42 and Friends with 150mm Zoom Lens on Canon 6D

M31 wide field with 350mm Lens…

SO tired again to get M31 this time with the lens at 350mm and the tracker much better polar aligned ! after looking at the images should have pushed the zoom a little more The image is a composite of 20 1 min images take in Severn Bridge


M31 taken with 20 1 min exposures and 150-600mm Sigma lens at 350 and f5.6

17 Wild Minutes ! before the cloud appeared

so the northern lights but on an amazing show this last week shame that the cloud moved in where i was but the show was still amazing !

DPP_0079 DPP_0080 DPP_0081 DPP_0084 DPP_0085 DPP_0086 DPP_0087 DPP_0088 DPP_0089

Last from Manitoulin 2016

The final image from the first evening only 4 images at 30s this time this was the end of the night 🙁 as the cloud moved in — taken on the 29/8/2016m16 m17 region

Dark Skies and cool low horizons

Had a lot of fun while the telescope was working away — the milky way was from horizon to horizon and so bright i am sure that it scared my shadow.Milky Way

can you see any Perseids ? there may be one !

ok so watch about half way through — point light flash in just south of Alberio and 3/4 of way through may be meteor through Alberio also


[quicktime width=”260″ height=”400″]http://astro.tatefamily.info/AstroBlog/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/pers.mov[/quicktime]

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