Solar prominences from the eclipse

M31 400mm Sigma150-600 with 6D iso3200 3min subs

Quiet Time

The splendour of a total solar eclipse is something that everybody should enjoy. Photographs and video do not do justice of the event


Wide Field M8 and M20

SO i picked up a small iEQ30Pro to manage the 6D and Sigma 150-600mm lens. The mount is beautiful and works well even if second hand. It mounts the camera flawlessly and also is able to run for 3-5 mins unguided !


The lagoon and triffid at 500mm on 6D iso 1600 – 10 x 3 min exposures unguided


Twin Quasar close to NGC3079

some 9.1 billion light years away this is one of the farthest objects i have imaged. — Not really sure if i could image this but it is present and split in the image although faint.


This was just 10 x 10 mins of images and really needed more to smooth out the noise in the background.


Comet 41P/Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresák

It was at it closest approach on the 1st of April the same day that Ikea and BBC had the best April fool jokes ! On that day it will be only 13 million miles away and almost visible on the naked eye. The attached image was taken on the 1st of April between 9:45 pm and 10:15 pm. It is a stack of 10 1 min images at ISO5000 with 400mm zoom.



Reprocess of the plaedies

OK so the reason for capturing the plaedies was not for the main component but was due tot he precedence of dust in the outer regions…. The original processing really did not pull out this so here is more of the image…..

A couple of movies from very cold nights and some bright light shows


Filling the frame!

The images of the Orion region with the Sigma 150-600mm Lens are great but I have to crop the images and i’m not fully able to process. Well i sucked it up and created from Flat field frames and master of the flat field. The image on the right is the latest with the flats applied. The image on the left is the previous process of the region from the data but only focusing on the M42 region.

M42 and Friends with 150mm Zoom Lens on Canon 6D

M42 and friends with the full frame showing the witches head on the right

M42 and friends

So finally getting around to some of the images that i have bagged ! this is a series of 72 x 30s images at ISO3200. Image was shot at 150mm using Sigma 150-600mm lens at f5.6


M42 and Friends with 150mm Zoom Lens on Canon 6D

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