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A very clear night but the star of the night was not the stars….

Another very clear night and the stars were bright but so was what i believe was a Noctilucent Cloud display. Am i correct ?

is this noctilucent cloud?

NGC7023 but the Cannon

tried to image this object at 3 min subs with the 600mm lens and F8 to stop banding this is 30 sub frames — hmmm maybe longer exposures or just a little higher in at the sky needed

A long time ago

The use of a telescope which used to be very common is getting less frequent. Saturday was the first time in a long time since i have had the Telescope out and an imaging setup running.

Although it is only the second time the new setup has been out and its still a few teething problems but slowly its getting there.

Out of the evening i really only managed 27 sub frames of M13 and the processed image is shown below

M13 from 07/06/19
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