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A longer image

this is a 50min image from Sadr region. Lots in the image M29, NGC6888, Gamma Cygni Neb, and so much more ! interesting telescope target in the 44Cyg star region.

Sadr region 50 x 1 min ISO4000

New Lens and a very wide field of view !

decided to pick up a RedCat and WOW what a lens ! its only 51mm aperture but an amazing field of view and very bright. The Williams Optics RedCat is amazing and really a joy to use ! this is not the first image but the best so far — really looking forward to a very long run with this lens and seeing what it can do. It also should easily link to the sBIG camera more to follow.

Sadr region 3 x 3min with 6D and RedCat

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