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Aurora from Tiny Marsh 7th October 2012


So at the end of a long weekend the idea of relaxing with an all day meeting on the Monday was appealing… However, it was also clear so just had to go out. The night before had been a great Aurora and there was a slight chance of one again. what happened was amazing…




At one point the Aurora was above the Zenith and almost whole sky. Had to leave at about 10pm so just probably missed the best but still it was a great show.

Aurora from Killarney


So whilst camping with the scouts friday the 16th we were able to see the Aurora bouncing across the lake at Killarney Park. the sight was beautiful and i took a lot of photos. The biggest problem was that the sky was so dark — what a nice problem to have. As a group we sat watching the Aurora for about an hour and then retired. Whilst watching I asked one of the scouts if this was better than the iPod — all i got back was “i don’t think much of the back light….”

There are a number of Photos which were taken which at some point will appear on the site.



Aurora and Cloud


After a weekend where the sun was absolutely alive it is finally starting to die down. However, the main question is did i get to see any of it….

The answer is NO. All I managed to see was the moon on Saturday and Cloud on Sunday and Monday……. It reach KP7 on Friday/Saturday and also KP7 on Monday night

Oh well maybe next time.

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