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Clusters in Auriga


The main messier clusters in Auriga are some of the best objects to view in the night sky. The are relatively easy to identify in that they are the brightest object in Auriga. Auriga itself is easy to find in the Autumn as it contains on the of the brightest stars in the sky Cappella.

The location and some of the key objects with in Auriga can be found here.

M37 and M38 were imaged in Auriga during a period when the moon was at 60% brightness. they are combinations of 2 minute exposures with the camera set to -40 below ambient.


m38 The Cluster M38 imaged under a full moon and composed of 20 x 2 min sub frames.





 The Cluster M37 again imaged under a full moon and composed of 10 x 1 min sub frames

Last observing session of 2010


Cold but not cold enough

The night seemed like it would be a great session, the day started really well with little / no cloud and the evening drew in like that also. The evenign meant packing up the car and setting off to Tiny Marsh for a session observing. However the sky milked over and the seeing was very bad. To cxap it all after a wonder clear day,  I beached the car in a snow bank and ended up having to dig myself out of the snow ….

Had a little difficulty remembering how to use the telescope as this was the first time it had been out for a while. But did enjoy the following object M1, M35, M36, M37, M38, M42, M45 and Jupiter.

So this was a night of fun with a lot of things going on.

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