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New Image of M42 —- an old favourite when its cold


Taken on a cold night at Tiny Marsh this is a series of 30 images stacked and processed in both Nebulosity and also Photoshop. The images are taken at different exposure lengths and combined then processed and finally blended in Photoshop. In this case the image is comprised of 10 x 30s images, 10 x 60s images and finally 10 x 120s images. The initial processing i.e. dark subtraction was performed in Nebulosity as was normalization of the histograms from the images. Image alignment was undertaken in nebulosity and each set of 10 images were individually stacked. In each case the stack was manipulated in Nebulosity using a Power Level stretch. different type of stretches were tested on each of the image stacks and in the end it was decided to utilize a method where the mid point was reduced by 50% then black point was increased to darken the background. This had a result of maintaining the Triangulum stars as long as possible.

The combined sub images were then aligned and masks used to blend the different exposures in Photoshop with finally a sharpen filter mask used to enhance some of the features.


M42 this is the great Orion Nebulae is a winter favourite as it does not require a lot of exposure elements to get a great photo. in this case it is a stack of images which were taken in a single session of only 35 minutes — not even enough time for the coffee to get cold….



Last observing session of 2010


Cold but not cold enough

The night seemed like it would be a great session, the day started really well with little / no cloud and the evening drew in like that also. The evenign meant packing up the car and setting off to Tiny Marsh for a session observing. However the sky milked over and the seeing was very bad. To cxap it all after a wonder clear day, ¬†I beached the car in a snow bank and ended up having to dig myself out of the snow ….

Had a little difficulty remembering how to use the telescope as this was the first time it had been out for a while. But did enjoy the following object M1, M35, M36, M37, M38, M42, M45 and Jupiter.

So this was a night of fun with a lot of things going on.

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