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Another Full Moon Target


A favourite for imaging — someday i will find a large telescope and take a really good image of this object. When imaging this object the sky was a complete wash with the full / close to full moon. Image taken on the 20th July 2013

M51 - 3 x 10 min sub frames full moon

M51 – 3 x 10 min sub frames full moon

End of April 2012


I was trying to work out how far the imaging had come so i decided to look again at a simple object but one of the first which i imaged many years ago. Friday 27th looked like it was going to be a clear night so we headed to Tiny Marsh with a nights observing. After setup i pointed the scope at M51 and started imaging.

Unlike other times i had imaged M51 with lots of 5 min exposures i decided to hit the camera with lots of long exposures — long being relative this time 20 mins at -25oC. I ended up catching 8 x 20 minute exposures which were then dark subtracted and then combined using a stdev clip of 1.75 in nebulosity. The resulting image was then processed with power level stretches and auto adjustment of the background. Final processing occurred in PS where a number of layers were merged to flatten the background and also enhance some of the features. As a comparator to the original imaging I also show the full frame of both this image and one which was taken 2 years ago with the Xsi. this is a combine of 30 x 3 minute and 10 x 5 min exposures.

The images above show that the improvement is possibly only due to image processing and maybe not the improvement in the camera etc.

More information about M51 and a location finder can be found at this link.


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