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First Light with sBIG ST-8300C Camera


So I took the plunge and bought a new camera. Still trying to get to grips with it and enjoy the images which is produces. The camera is a sBig ST-8300C, somehow i think that i should have gone for the monochrome camera but everything i had read indicated that i would spend just as long imaging through the filters as i would with imaging through the colour camera.

The first image i took in a dark site was of m66 and m65 just to get a feel for the camera and is ability. I shot this object the other week with the Canon DSLR so it should be a good comparison. The image below is the result.

The images show that there is a lot of potential with the camera but there is going to be a need for a lot more processing in the images. I am really surprised that the sensitivity of the camera is not great and from the initial impressions it looks no more sensitive than the Cannon.

M65 and M66 in Leo


These are probably one of my most favourite objects in the sky. they are easy to see in a 80mm refractor and even better in a larger scope. in an 80mm scope it is possible to make out structure of the objects but in reality a larger scope is better for this visually. Photographically they are very nice to see with the whole Leo triplet being seen normally (see previous post)

these 2 images and slightly differently processed to allow the subtle differences in the galaxy structure to be discerned

First Night of Imaging 2011


After a long break its finally happened. A night of imaging …. After a quick setup and also a night of frustration, getting the correct time helps I managed to get M65 and the other components of the leo triplet in the camera lens the result is below.

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