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NGC5982 and M3


Both of the attached images were taken with the St8300C and the FLT110. The M3 image was taken on the 3rd of June and is a combination of 5 x 5 min exposures, whilst NGC5982 is a combination of 3 x 10 minute exposures.

Images from a nights imaging


just a short night of imaging but this time with a decent guide cable

which means┬áthat everything worked well….

Imaged NGC 5982 and the companion galaxies. not enough time really spent on this object only 3 x 10 mins should shoot again at 5 x 30mins to bring out the real details. The Galaxy Trio visible in this photo is sometimes referred to as the Draco Trio, comprising 2 spiral galaxies and an elliptical. The edge on spiral at the bottom of this photo is known as NGC 5981 and the elliptical is NGC5982. The face on spiral is NGC 5985.


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