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Supernova in M95 (SN 2012 AW)


So after a long trip away I was hopeful that I could make it out for one night with the scope. Whilst I was travelling i heard about  a Supernova in M95 which would make a great target for the evening.

First detected on March 16th in M95 in the constellation of Leo. It has grown in brightness and is designated SN2012AW. Currently the Magnitude of the object is about 13.1 and has possibly peaked at this magnitude. The exact coordinates of the object are Coordinates (2000.0): R.A. = 10 43 53.76, Decl. = +11 40 17.9. At this magnitude it is very likely that the SN is visible with binoculars.

The image is a stack of 2 images of 10min and with the moon illumination at 50% (and slight cloud). the SN is marked by the 2 white lines Unfortunately I would have taken more images but the cloud moved in after 20 mins of startup .

M101 and Supernova PTF 11kly


Managed to get to Torrance during a a clear gap in the cloud although it was not supposed to be cloudy …..

Image M101 just to grab a picture of the recently seen supernova which was still brightening. the image is 2 x 10 min shots dark subtracted and processed in nebulosity. The image is below:


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