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Cocoon Nebulae from Tiny Marsh


This was the first night for a long time. Everything setup easy and imaging was a breeze. the sky conditions were good with reasonable seeing. The moon was to rise at about 11pm so a short session prior to the moon rising was in order.

The image of the cocoon nebulae is a composite of 10 x 10 min exposures through the FLT110 with the AFRIV and ST8300C. The images were dark subtracted and stacked then further processed in Nebulosity and finally balanced in Photoshop.



ic5146 cocoon Nebulae

click to get full size image.

First Night of Imaging 2011


After a long break its finally happened. A night of imaging …. After a quick setup and also a night of frustration, getting the correct time helps I managed to get M65 and the other components of the leo triplet in the camera lens the result is below.

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