There are many levels of AstroPhotography most of which I have not mastered, but have tried and fallen into the pits of despair in trying to get the images to work reliably. The images which we see in magazines and or on the internet are the result of a lot of instrument time as well as a lot of digital processing time. The results can be very pleasing and offer the ability to see features and details which you would not be able to visualize through the eyepiece.
Recently I have been asked a lot about the way to setup a photography system which will allow users to take great pictures. Well I personally have not yet managed to take a perfect picture but I have a lot of experience in getting things wrong. This information is invaluable to anybody who wishes to start taking photos as getting it wrong is much easier than getting it right. Each area will talk about different cameras different setup and some of the requirements. If you have any comments // areas which you feel that are wrong and would like to add or contribute then please contact me and will add to the relevant section your comments

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