The choice of equipment a users has and like is a very personal thing. the equipment which is ideal for one user may not be ideal for another user, i.e. a Celestron C14 would be fantastic mounted in a permanent observatory but may not be the best thing for a person to carry int he back of the car to a remote location and setup in the dark.

Over the past 15 years I have been playing with a number of different telescopes and different formats of telescope. I have owned large newtonians, Meade LX200 and also refractors. At this time i am still enjoying the refractors probably more because of the imaging which I am doing. for imaging the refractors are just so much easier to use than say a LX200. There is no worry about collimation nor is there any worry about mirror flop when imaging.

This does not mean that I will stay with a refractor! there are a number of very nice telescopes which are being manufactured now which look like they have great possibilities for imaging — especially the Astro-Tech RC scope.

The links on the page describe the current equipment which i have and some of it pros and cons.

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  1. bob black says:

    Hello Steve, I’m not sure how I arrived at your site I was just looking around. I noticed you belong to the tiny bunch!
    I have belonged to the midland club for about a year and as of now have not met any of you.
    I notice that you guys go to the’ tiny’ spot quite often and was wondering where it is?
    Looks like we have ewquipment similarities-refractors, G11.
    Looking forward to meeting you guys real soon, guess I’m a little shy (smile) regards, bob


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