IC 5146 Cocoon Nebulae

The cocoon nebulae is on of my favourite imaging subjects. It has many other names, Caldwell 19, Sh 2-125 and is an example of a reflection and emission nebulae. The object if located in Cygnus.

IC 5166 refers to the star cluster, and Sh 2-125  refers to the nebulae. Besides the main nebulae which is visible in the images the dark nebulae Barnard 168 is also visible. It is intact the location of the dark nebulae which is inseparable from the light which forms the cocoon nebulae.




The image above of the cocoon nebulae was taken from Torrance Barrens and is a combination of 15×10 minute exposures.  The images were processed in Nebulosity and final processing was performed in Photoshop. The image was taken with a WO FLT110 and guided with a 80mm orion ED80.

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