Torrance Barrens Dark Sky Preseve

Conservation Reserves are areas of crown land established by regulation and managed under the Public Lands Act by the Ministry of Natural Resources to protect natural features.

The Torrance Barrens was designated a Conservation Reserve in 1997, culminating a grassroots community effort to have it legally protected. Rugged rocky barrens scenery, nationally and provincially rare plants and wildlife and a contiguous peaceful wilderness in the heart of Muskoka were all worth preserving. Here is a fully preserved oasis in central Ontario, Canada, just a two-hour drive from Toronto.

The easiest route to get to Torrance is up Highway 11 and turning off at Southwood Road (CR13)  follow Southwood road for about 40 mins and you will see the sign for the preserve on the right hand side.

The main observing site is down the small road just behind the main sign. it is on a rock out crop which is idea l for holding telescopes and cars.

The dark sky map below shows that this is a dark area. However there is light pollution visible from Gravenhurst and Orillia

Regional Map (27k)

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