ORION 80mm ED Refractor.

this was bought as a small grab and go scope and also as an autoguider scope for the LX200 but it much more capable than I would like to admit. The pro mount which is essentially a EQ5 works OK with the weight but it is not motorized nor is it goto… The focuser is responsive and smooth and and the images are amazing.  I very quickly relegated the LX200 to a guide scope for this and used this to image objects with. This scope is a brilliant purchase and recommend then to anybody.

William Optics FLT110

I pick these up a year ago now and they have been working well. Somewhat a different learning curve than the LX200. Basically I had to forget everything and start from scratch. But its simple to use and the FLT returns very pleasing views of the moon and planets. This scope is let down but the quality of my eyepieces. The focuser is far from smooth in course focusing but the smooth focuser works very well. The >9cm of travel in the focuser is great for imaging and is really needed. The field of view however is not too flat so a field flattener is really needed for the wide field cameras which are available now. I have recently acquired a William Optics AFR-IV which appears to working very well — link here.

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